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August 2-29

While an ignorance is bliss approach to your financial situation may sound like a good idea, the first step to improve your financial wellbeing is knowing the full picture. In the Super Savers challenge, you will track all of your expenses each week. To earn wellness tickets, submit a weekly attestation confirming you tracked expenses. Serco Wellness does not require your tracking records as part of the challenge. Please only submit your weekly attestation, on your honor.


Serco North America offers a holistic wellness program for all Serco Inc. employees. We know that your health is important to you and your family. By offering wellness challenges, health education and opportunities to set and achieve wellness goals, Serco Wellness encourages you along your journey to total well-being. The Serco Wellness program is based on our four pillars of health: physical, emotional, financial and social. Each of these represents a key component of total well-being. You may have noticed that our pillars have been refreshed for 2020. Awareness is now the foundation for the four pillars.


Upcoming Wellness Wednesday Events

  • Getting Organized
    Wed, Aug 04
    LifeWorks Zoom
    Aug 04, 12:00 PM EDT
    LifeWorks Zoom
    If you need help getting organized, this program is for you. It looks at the downside of lax organization, helps you determine your own organizational quotient, explores why we’re disorganized, examines the benefits of organization and identifies how to start.
  • Practical Productivity
    Wed, Sep 01
    LifeWorks Zoom
    Sep 01, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
    LifeWorks Zoom
    Being productive is not just limited to finishing your work, but organizing your tasks, building relationships within the office, and being able to manage your time effectively, as well as learning new skills, such as multitasking and being able to block out distractions.
  • Planning for Retirement
    Wed, Sep 15
    Sep 15, 1:00 PM
    This session will help you understand how to manage your income throughout retirement. Through Voya's myOrangeMoney® online experience, you'll learn about retirement income sources – including Social Security – and understand how to potentially close any gaps in your income goals.



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